Creature Comfort
Veterinary HOUSECALL
Practice, Inc.

We Make HOUSECALLS So Your Pets Feel At Home!!

Creature Comfort Veterinary Housecall Practice, Inc.

Dr. Beth Bielsker

We are an affordable, full service Mobile Veterinary Practice that comes to your home.  Call us to find out more!!
Why should you consider a Housecall Veterinarian?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you will love our service!!

  • Do you get tired of sitting in the waiting room at your Veterinarian's office hoping your turn will be soon?

  • Do you try and limit your pet's exposure to illness and disease?

  • Do you have more than one pet?

  • Does your pet get car sick?

  • Does your pet have trouble getting into and out of the car?

  • Do you feel like your time with the Dr. is rushed?  Do you get to ask and have answered all of your questions?

Creature Comfort Veterinary HOUSECALL Practice, Inc., was started over 25 years ago for these very reasons!!  Our fees are affordable and comparable to the charges you pay when you take your pet into a clinic.  There is a small travel fee for our service.

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